BioBee IPM solutions utilize living organisms to control agricultural pests. Biological control by implementation of Natural Enemies, is BioBee’s specialty. BioBee’s mission is to place biological control as a key component in any relevant IPM program. BioBee’s products are sold worldwide, from Japan in the East to North and South America in the West. In the 2011-2012 growing season, IPM/biocontrol solutions were applied in Israel on more than 300 ha. of strawberries (open fields mainly), 1900 ha. of naturally ventilated polyhouses and nethouses sweet peppers, hundreds Ha. of greenhouses tomatoes and open field wine and table grapes. BioBee India offers its solution for conventional as well as bio-organic vegetables, flowers, orchards, vineyards, flowers and ornamental crops. Growers get export quality produce and better prices by using BioBee Solutions. Please click below products to know more about them or contact us.