In India Greenhouse and Net house micro environment are favorable to some critically damaging arthropod pests, about 20 insect and mite species have been recorded to be associated with crops under protected environment. Mites and thrips are the most devastating pests of Roses grown in Greenhouses. Greenhouse and Nethouse vegetables are highly susceptible to Thrips, white flies, Mites, Leafminer and Aphids.

Mealy bug is a serious damaging pest of Grapes and recently observed as a severe secondary pest of flowers, fruits and vegetable.
BioBee provide customised and workable crop protocols for Integrated Pest management to control these key pests facilitating Export Oriented Production Units, Corporate farm and individual growers to produce high quality and residue free fresh farm produce. This green technology will help the Indian horticulture industry to increase their export of fresh farm produce.

BioBee India share know –how on these pests, please click on individual pest to know more about them.