Groweing better grapes by identifying Mealy bugs and Their habitats

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BioBee’s field service personnel visited at Nashik to familiarize growers with the identification of Mealy bugs and Their habitats and to introduce them with BioBee’s technical services.

Grape cultivation

Picture 1: A grape garden pruned is throwing up new shoots.

Picture 2: A grape garden pruned about a month back and has plants wherein flowering is seen initiated. The clean maintenance of the garden can be noticed.

Picture 3 & 4: A healthy grape garden showing flower initiation. Might be about a month and half after pruning.

Picture 5 : The technical team of BioBee, Mr. Amit Sade and Mr. Arvind Srivastava explaining to a progressive grower and exporter Mr. Suresh Eknath Kalamkar about sites of mealybug activity in initial stages and detection techniques.

Picture 6: Mr. Kalamkar, an avid learner and having vast experience in grape cultivation explaining to the technical team of BioBee Mr. Amit Sade and Mr. Arvind Srivastava about various pests and their sequence of occurences after the pruning operations in their order of importance.

Picture 7 : Mealy bugs seen multiplying in concealed places below the bark and ended by ants An ideal situation for bio control agents to be introduced into the gardens after the initial scouting.

BioBee's field service personnelMr. Suresh Eknath Kalamkar of Kalamkar Farm, Mohadi Post, Dhindori Taluk Nashik District being handed over the package contract of BioBee that he accepted from Mr. Amit Sade, Senior Technical Scientist from Israel while Mr. Arvind Srivastava, looks on. Mr. Kalamkar impressed by the objectives of BioBee agreed to test the package at his Global G.A.P.Certfied Farm in the ensuing season. BioBee thanks Mr. Kalamkar, an innovator, for the opportunity given and assures him of all the technical support at BioBee’s disposal on his grape gardens.

BioBee's field service personnel 2

Mr. Sharad Anna Dhokre, a progressive grape grower and exporter receiving a copy of the contract of BioBee Package for grapes from Mr. Amit Sade. The protocol in the package was discussed at length and the practical guide for IPM in grapes was handed over for further reference on various practices to be followed. BioBee thanks Mr. Sharad Anna Dhokre for giving an opportunity to serve and assures him of all the technical support at BioBee’s disposal.