A glance to BioBee’s Grape seminar in India

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The seminar on grapes with special reference to Biological control of mealy bugs was held at Draksha Bhawan, Nashik, Maharashtra. The participants expressed that mealy bugs was a major problem and often found it at a time when they could not do much about its control.
The technical team of BioBee emphasized on all aspects of biological control of mealy bugs beginning from ant control. Videos of Cryptolaemus and Anagyrus in action were the best attractions of the seminar.
The Product and Service synergy of BioBee was stressed and this was the factor working in favor of the package’s acceptance.
The participants at the seminar were mostly the cream of grape growers from Nashik district in Maharashtra. It was an honor to have the group who started grape cultivation a few decades back and were a wealth of information in themselves. The participants were very well aware of the EU standards for MRLs and since many of them were exporting grapes generally complied with prescribed MRL levels. A few of them had certifications from agencies such as Global G.A.P., S.G.S and TESCO.
In spite of their enormous experience in grape cultivation they were all ears to Mr. Amit’s and Mr. Arvind’s presentation. BioBee thanks all the participants for their presence and constructive suggestions. The seminar also dealt with the observations during field visits of the same day and was appreciated for the very practical approach. The schedules for the initial scouting and releases have been drawn and we are looking forward for the successful implementation of the package.

BioBee thanks all the participants for their presence and valuable suggestions at the seminar.


Picture 1: A section of the audience listening to the commercial aspects of the package being explained by Mr. Anil (not in picture), Vice President, Sales and Marketing, BioBee (India). Mr. Ashok Rao Gaikwad and Mr. Kailash Rao Bhonsle, Mr. Arun More and other dignitaries are seen in the picture while Mr. Amit looks on.

Picture 2: A section of the audience listening in rapt attention to Mr. Amit Sade’s presentation on bio control agents of mealy bugs with special reference to Bio Cryptolaemus and Bio Anagyrus. Amit explained about the role of ants in protecting and transporting mealy bugs with illustrations through videos.

Picture 3: Section of the audience listening to Mr. Amit and Mr. Arvind who are explaining about the commercial product Bio Anagyrus to the audience in the seminar.


Picture 4: Mr. Anil, Vice President, BioBee (India) felicitating Mr. Ashok Rao Gaikwad, President of Maharashtra Grapes Association, Pune for his august presence at the seminar. The President expressed that BioBee has an opportunity to prove the success of the package and assured support for BioBee’s efforts. Mr. Arvind of BioBee (India) technical team looks on.
Mr. Anil expressed on behalf of BioBee his profound gratitude to the Grape Growers Association of Maharashtra for providing an opportunity to host this seminar and all its support.

Picture 5: Mr. Anil, felicitating Mr. Kailash Rao Bhosle for his valuable time and suggestions at the seminar. Mr. Bhosle, The President of The Nashik Grape Growers Association has been proactive in adopting new technology in grape cultivation and advocating useful technology to other growers too.

Picture 6: Mr. ManikRao G Patil, Honorary Secretary, Nashik Division of the Grape Growers
Association is seen felicitating Mr. Amit Sade while Mr. ArunMore, the person behind
organizing this seminar looks on. Mr More professedly thanked Mr. Amit for his excellent presentation.
Mr. Manik Rao, one of the earliest grape growers of Maharshtra was as ever ready to test BioBee’s package in grapes and has signed the package contract. BioBee thanks Mr. ManikRao G Patil for his support and looks forward to valuable suggestions during the implementation of the package.