BioBee’s Products Are Taking Off

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nisarga new 400-266M/s. Nisarga Floritech based at Urukere Village, Tumkur Dist. In Karnataka is a place around 70 Kms from Bangalore. Mr Sridhara, the entrepreneur of this farm is an young, innovative grower with  decades experience in floriculture. He has been growing Gerberas in 1 hectare and was having a severe problem of whitefly and mites and to certain extent thrips in a few varieties. He has a very good control of whiteflies using A. swirski so much so that he is not using any insecticides against whitefly. He is well trained on the scouting techniques of BioBee and has trained his staff about the same. They are equally trained in the release techniques. In the picture we can see one of his staff doing a hot spot treatment for thrips with Orius.


IMG-20130904-00057 new 400-266M/s. Ambrosia Vegetables, Kanakenahalli Village, Sasloo Hobli, Doddaballapur Taluk, Bangalore Rural District in Karnataka is another client of BioBee. They are into production of gourmet vegetables and the regular vegetables mostly under greenhouses in about 15 acres. They are committed to highest quality of vegetables with minimum pesticide residues. They have been using all of our products, Bio Persimilis,  Bio Diglyphus, Bio Orius and  Bio Swirski in their project. With the use of our products and the protocols they are following, their pesticide usage has further come down drastically. They are happy with the job done by persimilis and swirski on cucumbers, brinjals, chilli and capsicum. They have an young production team comprising of an entomologist and pathologist who are now well versed with IPM using BioBee products. In the picture can be seen the head of their crop protection team herself doing ablanket application of Bio Persimilis in Brinjal.


IMG-20130904-00052 new 400-266Mr Prasanna who owns Espak Agro is an young technocrat with decades of experience in irrigation systems. He is also a passionate grower growing gerberas on his 6 hecatre farm at Kunigal, a place about 70 kms from Bangalore. He is using BioBee products in about 1.5 acres of a greenhouse growing gerberas. The major issues he faced was of whitefly, thrips, spider mites, leaf miner. He vouches for the excellent control of mites and whitefly obtained by use of Bio Persimilis and Bio Swirski respectively.  With an able well trained support staff for scouting and releases he has been successful in keeping the pests at bay using BioBee products. In the picture we can see his staff making a blanket application of Bio Persimilis.