Research and Development

As a leader in production and implementation of beneficial macro-organisms in agriculture, Bio-Bee is committed to staying at the cutting edge of research and development in the fields of natural pollination and biological pest control.
Therefore, we, the research and development team at Bio-Bee, adhere to our mission by doing the following:

  • Searching and finding new potential crops for pollination by bumblebees.
  • Searching and identifying new macrobial biocontrol agents for reinforcement of the existing natural enemies’ package.
  • Developing protocols of mass production for new biocontrol products and thereafter establishing the technical infrastructure for transferring those products from a prototype status to industrial mass rearing.
  • Providing consistent back-up to present production systems to yield cost effective, top quality products.
  • Providing consistent back-up to all field application aspects of the products, especially packaging and transport, mode of application, introduction protocols and side-effect of pesticides.
  • Working out solutions to unexpected drawbacks that might arise whilst exercising natural pollination by bumblebees or IPM/biocontrol.
  • Leading and implementing the ideas of quality and product control, quality assurance in every aspect of production, packaging, storage, transport and shipment of the different products.
  • Leading the serious and professional image of Bio-Bee towards its clientele and fellow colleagues wherever they are.
  • Becoming a major attraction for young practitioners to join the team.
  • Being a key source of satisfaction and pride for our team members.

The R&D staff at Bio-Bee includes specialists in the fields of Biology, Entomology and Plant Protection.